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Delivering the Last Mile of Advertising.™

Connecting brand demand to brand fulfillment. At Linkage Systems, we call this 'the last mile of advertising' – advertising that drives customers to local merchants. You’ve already created the brand awareness and brand demand. We help you close the loop on brand demand by connecting local customers to the merchants with the local inventory selling at their local price.

Effectively delivering the last mile of advertising requires a solution that balances the brand owner's control of the brand identity and the merchant's need for immediate response to changing local market conditions. Current solutions rely on cumbersome co-op programs with rules on brand usage that are difficult and costly to enforce and processes that cannot react quickly enough.

Brand Advertising vs. Local Advertising
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Increasingly, local merchants need advertising that is more targeted, more diverse, and more responsive than traditional, zoned cooperative advertising and promotional programs offer. Simultaneously, the brand owner needs to connect their graphically rich, professionally produced national and regional campaigns to the local collateral that is produced by or for the individual merchant.

Today, the brand owner also needs to deliver more with less – more advertisements, more variations, more frequently, more targeted to local markets, more appealing than today's ephemeral local advertising. You need all this – without additional creative staff, without disrupting or defocusing your advertising agency, and without losing control of the brand identity.

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